Strandza Nature Park

a place in your heart!

Sinemoretz is situated near to the mouth of the River Veleca in the area of the National Park Strandza. Strandza Nature Park is the biggest protected area in Bulgaria.

It occupies 1.161 km2 about 1% of the national territory and 23.5% of the total protected territory in the country.


Over 50% of the Bulgarian flora is represented there with a big number of endemic, relict, rare and threatened Red Book species.

The Strandza Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum), flowering with fabulously beautiful violet flowers.
In Europe, its range includes southeast Bulgaria, which is the last surviving European Tertiary habitat.

The centuries-old natural Strandza forest hides Tertiary relicts and local endemic plant species that can be seen only here. The relict plant community and individual plants have remained since the Tertiary Age (about 70 million years ago). The total numbers of plant species in Strandza is about 1,665.

Sport & Health

Here you will find many eco paths and hiking routes along the Veleka River, along the forests of Strandja and the mouth of the Veleka River.

Another pleasant experience guarantees a boat trip along the Veleka River.

Did you know, that...

Birds are the other wealth of the Strandza forests: 124 bird species nest only on the territory of the park. In addition to the birds nesting here, the flocks of migrating birds fly over the park along the major migration route known as Via Pontica, which gives opportunities for bird watching of a total of 257 bird species, 149 of which are of European nature protection significance. is a symbol of the Park.