For those of you who are looking for a holiday as if in the comfort of their own home, we created this self-contained vacation cottage.

Villa Casa Verde offers the independence that a crowded hotel cannot give.
For natural beauty connoisseurs, we have provided a wonderful view overlooking the forest - it's not the sea but in Sinemorets there are few hotels with a view of the beach due to the specific location of the village and the equal distance to the two beaches. It's worth mentioning that, as a bonus, the majestic oak forests of Strandzha start a mere 20 metres from the big panoramic window of the house.
The silence and the tranquility are surreal - incredible for a summer sea resort. You will be asking yourself where you are, in fact.
But those who would be scared of finding themselves in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization, we would reassure that Casa Verde is situated in close proximity to the centre of the village and about 500 metres away from the Veleka beach and 1 km from the Butamyata beach.

◎   The house is let out in its entirety.
◎   Its capacity is 4 people.
◎   There are rooms - a living room with a sofa and a bed and a functionally furnished kitchen with a washing machine and a bathroom.
◎   A separate bedroom. A baby's crib can be positioned in the bedroom.
◎ wireless internet, air conditioner, satelite television and a terace.
◎ Casa Verde shares a garden with another villa.
Open 365 days a year.

Guests reviews

РАЙ!!! Всичко е прекрасно! За втори път отсядаме, чисто, тихо, спокойно място. Градинската маса със столчета и тента с гледка към цветна градина създава прекрасно настроение и уют. Препоръчвам с две ръце, ако искате почивка в съчетание с комфорта на собствен дом - виличката ще се превърне и във ваше любимо място.

Надя, България

We lived in Casa Verde Villa with our friends. It was wonderful !!! A separate house includes all necessary things inside ( furniture,household appliances, cookware ) and outside( a charming terrace, sun lounger, dryer for linen). I want to stress hospitality and attention of the owner, friendly atmosphere. You feel yourself cosy, comfortable and homelike. Such a beautiful landscape design !! The house is located in a calm place near a beautiful oak grove. You may really relax and enjoy sunny days. The central street with super- and mini markets, bars and restourants is very close. There are different coves with beaches in each and they are also not far from Casa Verde Villa. All beaches are sandy, the water is very clean. So you may participate the active life of Sinemorets or enjoy the silence and fresh air staying at villa. I wish everybody to choose this very place for your holidays and assure you will not be upset!! Мы жили в Casa Verde Villa с друзьями. Потрясающе!!! Разместились в отдельном гостевом домике, в котором было всё, что необходимо как внутри ( мебель, бытовая техника, столовые принадлежности), так и снаружи (очаровательная мини терраса, шезлонги, сушилка для белья). Хочу подчеркнуть гостеприимство и заботу хозяйки, дружескую атмосферу. Чувствуешь себя уютно, комфортно, по-домашнему. А какой удивительный ландшафтный дизайн!! Домик располагается в тихом месте рядом с дубовой рощей. Вы реально можете расслабиться и наслаждаться солнечными денечками. Центральная улица с супер- и мини-маркетами, барами, ресторанами - в пешей доступности. Так же совсем недалеко от Casa Verde Villa находятся различные бухточки со своими пляжами. Все пляжи песчаные, а вода -очень чистая. Получается, что возможно либо участвовать в активной жизни Синеморца, либо наслаждаться тишиной и чистым воздухом, находясь на вилле. Желаю каждому остановить свой выбор для отдыха именно на этом месте и заверяю, что разочарованы не будете!!!

Tania, Русия

Изключително приятно място в непосредствена близост до центъра на Синеморец. Собствениците бяха изключително мили и кооперативни през цялото време на престоя ни. Дори ни почерпиха с изключително вкусни смокини от градината! 🙂

Kalina, Нидерландия

Cute little house with a rabbit 🙂 · Cute little house. Nice garden near it, where you can sometimes see domestic rabbit 🙂 Fully equipped kitchen. Baby crib in the bedroom. View to the forest and a table outside, where you can enjoy peacefull forest scenery. Down the street, near restaurant "Скрития Мъж", you can find path to the beach through the forest.

Mladen, България
Strandza Nature Park

a place in your heart!

Sinemoretz is situated near to the mouth of the River Veleca in the area of the National Park Strandza. Strandza Nature Park is the biggest protected area in Bulgaria.

It occupies 1.161 km2 about 1% of the national territory and 23.5% of the total protected territory in the country.


Over 50% of the Bulgarian flora is represented there with a big number of endemic, relict, rare and threatened Red Book species.

The Strandza Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum), flowering with fabulously beautiful violet flowers.
In Europe, its range includes southeast Bulgaria, which is the last surviving European Tertiary habitat.

The centuries-old natural Strandza forest hides Tertiary relicts and local endemic plant species that can be seen only here. The relict plant community and individual plants have remained since the Tertiary Age (about 70 million years ago). The total numbers of plant species in Strandza is about 1,665.

Sport & Health

Here you will find many eco paths and hiking routes along the Veleka River, along the forests of Strandja and the mouth of the Veleka River.

Another pleasant experience guarantees a boat trip along the Veleka River.

Did you know, that...

Birds are the other wealth of the Strandza forests: 124 bird species nest only on the territory of the park. In addition to the birds nesting here, the flocks of migrating birds fly over the park along the major migration route known as Via Pontica, which gives opportunities for bird watching of a total of 257 bird species, 149 of which are of European nature protection significance. is a symbol of the Park.

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