A 2,200-year-old set of gold jewelry was unearthed from a Thracian burial mound on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Daniela Agre said her team in late August found dozens of tiny jewelry pieces in the tomb of a woman, most likely a Thracian priestess, near the resort of Sinemorets.

The discovery included two earrings, crafted like miniature chariots, as well as parts of gold necklaces, one decorated with a sculpture of a bull’s head.

Golden earring. Miniature golden chariot with two horses and the goddess of victory NIKE were found in a mound in Sinemorets. It is only 2, 5 cm and it is shown under magnifying glass so the visitors can enjoy seeing in details this unique jewelry piece of the tiara of a priestess. Because of its small size we were not able to take a clear picture with a good quality. Nowadays there a just few pieces of jewelry objects which have such a detailed and precise made! III c. B.C

Golden necklace with bull’s head. Mound of Sinemorets III c. B.C 


Most of the more than 160 finds, including gold and silver accessories and pottery, were badly damaged because the woman’s body had been cremated, an unusual practice for this region.


Thracian princess
Reconstruction of the jewels of the Thracian princess
whose burial mound was discovered in 2006 in Sinemorets.


The treasure can be seen in Historical Museum in Tsarevo.

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