Self-contained vacation house!
Located a few meters from the green oaks of Strandzha and near to the beach!

    Self-contained vacation house Sinemorets| CASA VERDE

    For those of you who are looking for a holiday as if in the comfort of their own home, we created this self-contained vacation villa. Casa Verde offers the independence that a crowded hotel cannot give. Casa Verde shares a garden with another villa. For natural beauty connosseurs, we have provided a wonderful view overlooking the forest - it's not the sea but in Sinemorets there are few hotels with a view of the beach due to the specific location of the village and the equal distance to the two beaches. It's worth mentioning that, as a bonus, the majestic oak forests of Strandzha start a mere 20 metres from the big panoramic window of the house. The silence and the tranquility are surreal - incredible for a summer sea resort. You will be asking yourself where you are, in fact. But those who would be scared of finding themselves in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilisation, we would reassure that Casa Verde is situated in close proximity to the centre of the village and about 500 metres away from the Veleka beach and 1 km from the Butamyata beach.
  • The house is let out in its entirety. Its capacity is 4 people. There are rooms - a living room with a sofa and a bed and a functionally furnished kitchen with a washing machine and a bathroom. A separate bedroom, wireless internet, air conditioner, satelite television and a terace. A baby's crib can be positioned in the bedroom.
  • Sinemorets is a village in South - Eastern Bulgaria. It is situated in the Tsarevo municipality, Bourgas dustrict, close to the river mouth of the Veleka river. There is no chance you could resist fallung in love with this place - unique nature combining the sea, the river and Strandzha mountain. The beautiful sunsets over the North beach, the spacious undeveloped areas by the beach give you a sense of freedom and closeness with the sea. The multitude of beaches are almost straight out of a movie script - scenic, deserted and romantic.
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